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Amazing service. Got to me within 15 minutes. Courteous, reliable, professional. Highly recommend. Thank you, Arlington Wrecker. M. Fisher, Jax, FL
M Fisher
I literally had to laugh when reading the reviews for the majority of them were written by Arlington Wrecker employees wow thats sad when that's the only way you can get a good review. The old Arlington Wrecker have nothing to say but good things about however since being sold to the crooks that bought it can't think of a single positive thing to say about this company they are nothing but a bunch of crooks
Cindy Saltz
This was.the.worst mistake I jave ever done wotking for.a company this.long and.getting treated the way they.have to.all there employees and only worry about there bottom line. They dont care about anything but there selves. 33 yrs and free at last.
Great company!
Very disappointed with this company!!!!! My roadside service contacted this company to pick my truck and camper up- waited 3 hours- truck pulled up turned around and left- did not even get out of the truck to say sorry I cannot handle this job- not even a return call- when my roadside called to ask about it said they cancelled the call- this company is RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL!
Anna Porter
Great service, reasonable rates. Arlington was able to get my car from Orange Park to Mandarin, after Buckman breakdown, very quickly for a Friday afternoon. Driver was professional and got the car in the driveway, no problem. They made the breakdown much easier.
Your driver Jeff came out a couple weeks ago and towed my truck in Jacksonville. That guy knows his stuff. With in 15 minutes he had me hooked up, and the stuff he needed to do and we were on our way. He drove that Big Truck like it was a car!!! He has the biggest Tow Truck in Jacksonville! A Plus all the way guys!!!
Billy Paxton
Corey Phelps and this company is awesome. Professional and reliable. I would not use any other towing company but Arlington Wrecker Service.
Heather Azueta
Arlington wrecker  is an awesome tow company they come out to service property without having to be called and when we do call they come the same day they are the best and there crm service is great your missing out if your property is not service by arlington wrecker service   north lake apts mgmt team
Spencer Sloan, North Lake Apartments
As property managers of a large condominium community the service that Arlington Wrecker has provided to us has been invaluable. Helping us maintain and enforce the parking rules and regulations of the property in a very professional and courteous manner has made our day to day tasks easier. We have recommended them to our sister properties and will continue to do so.
Rob Moore, Summer House
Wolf Creek Condominium Association began utilizing the services offered by Arlington Wrecker on July 1, 2011.  The management and board of directors at Wolf Creek have been very pleased with the service and level of professionalism provided. Safety is a high priority at Wolf Creek Condominiums.  A very important part of the safety for the community revolves around strict vehicle parking covenants.  It is impossible for the association to manage parking at Wolf Creek Condominiums effectively.  At no charge to the community, A Tow and Stow provides the expertise necessary to do the job consistently, safe and fair. Arlington Wrecker is ...
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highly recommended as the best solution for vehicle parking management.
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JD Dunnigan, LCAM, Wolf Creek Condominium Association
I have the utmost confidence Arlington Wrecker Service’s professional, reliable service. Their professionalism combined with their friendly dispatch makes them as easy choice. Their service is always prompt. Jason shows that he cares about AT&T getting the best service Possible by staying in contact with me. He always ask if there is any way they could improve Their service, and I always have the same answer, you can’t improve awesome.
Theresa Pike, AT&T
Dear Matt, I would like to thank you for your assistance this year in the Northeast with Hurricane Sandy. Your efforts are a great accomplishment and sacrifice, and your hard work and achievements are further recognized by the fact you did this on a last minute request and during the Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Year’s holidays of 2012. The enormity of our mission to pick up and process thousands of Hurricane Sandy assignments was indeed monumental. You worked untold hours and weekends to assure our success. We would not be where we are operationally today had you not committed to seeing our goal ...
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through. In the face of all the obstacles, you were compassionate and understanding to the needs of others. All those who met you had no doubt about your professionalism and commitment to the task. I was pleased to hear stories about how cordial and considerate you were with the Copart team. Please accept this as a small token of our appreciation for your efforts and dedication. For Copart to have you as part of our network is a blessing. I hope we can count on you again should the need arise. Thank you for being “A Bid Above The Rest,” and for helping fuel Copart’s success in the Northeast. We couldn’t have done it without you!
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Russ Lowy, Chief Operating Officer,
Thanks so much . Your men did a great job for us in the Superstorm Sandy Cleanup efforts in NY & NJ. I appreciate your ongoing support throughout this experience. It has been a great learning tool in many different ways. Speaking with Copart, this is the largest disaster cleanup they have had to deal with to date. You can imagine the amount of time and thought that it took to execute our plan. It was a tremendous success and we couldn’t have done it without fine companies and drivers like yours! Thanks so much!
Brad Thoma, Sandy’s Auto & Truck Service Inc.